The island of Thassos is a real treasure for Greece!
The island of Thassos has much more to offer than just beautiful beaches and azure waters. Indeed all elements of Greek culture and Greek tradition has been lost by many Greek island nisia.Sto one can see monuments maintained by the glorious days of the past, like the walls of the ancient fortress city, the Temple of Apollo The Ancient Theatre, the Citadel and Chapel of the Dionysus choral monuments.
One important reason to choose Thassos for your holiday is the fact that we are so close to the coast of eastern Macedonia and Thrace, and this allows you and other tours in many ancient (and not only) sites and beautiful cities which are scattered throughout Northern Greece (Macedonia).
Thassos is mountainous with amazing beaches and is covered by dense forests of trees,
firs, oaks and pines that often end up on the seashore.
Thassos is one of the most fertile nisa Aegean Sea.
It produces, among others olives (the unique Throumpes Thassos), oil, fruit, honey and wine.
Thassos has rich reserves of minerals. Copper areas' hook shapes, Thimonia and theologian, lead, silver and zinc in Limenaria iron in the region Kallirachi. The famous mines of Thasos, as well as the timber for the shipyards gave rise to the glorious development, prestige and progress during antiquity.
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